Daylight Saving Time - Spring

It’s that time of the year again to Spring forward!

Daylight Saving time is an extraordinary attempt by mankind to assert its control over the movement of time. This concept has an interesting history, which has been explored below.

The origin

The origin of Daylight Saving Time is attributed to Benjamin Franklin. When he was an American delegate in Paris, he noticed that the Parisians slept till noon everyday. He sarcastically suggested in an essay 'An Economic Project' that Parisians could save a significant amount of money if they woke up early and utilized the daylight instead of spending on candles for the evening. His sarcasm did not have any effect on the Parisian lifestyle but it sparked a discussion on the use of daylight. This eventually led to the concept of Daylight Saving Time though he never advocated moving the clock forwards.

The implementation

The Canadians were the first to adopt and implement Daylight Saving Time. In London, William Willett made a proposal of advancing the clock every Sunday by twenty minutes in April. However, Germany was the first European country to implement it.

The US formally adopted Daylight Saving Time from March 31, 1918. It became a means to conserve energy resources during the Second World War. The implementation was inconsistent and sporadic. When confusion prevailed, President Lyndon Johnson standardized the Daylight Saving Time by passing the Uniform Time Act.

Changes over the years

Since the passing of the act, the Congress has made amendments to the act multiple times. Currently, the Daylight Saving Time begins from 2:00 AM on the Second Sunday of March and goes on till 2:00 AM on the first Sunday of November. Clocks are advanced by an hour during this period.

What does it stand for?

Initially Daylight Saving Time was meant for just conservation of energy. It now signifies the transition from the long nights of winter to the brightness of spring and summer. It seems as if nature comes out of hibernation to resume its full glory. For many, it is the time for spring cleaning and starting afresh. Flowers are planted and the nesting season starts. Daytime becomes longer because of the additional hour.

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