Winter Storm Safety Tips

Another Monster Storm. Although we are no strangers to powerful Nor’easters, it’s always safe to remind ourselves to stay cautious.  Here are some safety tips.

  • Keep tabs of the latest information through the radio and TV.
  • Stay off the roads, unless absolutely necessary. Work from home if possible. Most schools and other activities are cancelled. Winter storms can make driving and walking extremely hazardous. Less cars on the road will allow the public plows better access to clear the roads. If you must travel, let someone know where you are going, in case you get stuck. Bring a cell phone.
  • Be careful shoveling. Don’t over exert yourself. Heart attacks from shoveling snow are common. Dry winter air can aggravate those with respiratory problems. Wear layered clothing, hat and mittens. Keep dry and watch for signs of hypothermia and frostbite. Be particularly careful of exposed skin and extremities. Of course beware of icy grounds, avoid slipping and falling.
  • Check on the elderly, disabled and others who may need assistance. Make sure their homes are warm, and they have food, water and their medications.
  • Carbon Monoxide safety:  Make sure all exhaust pipes to the home and car are cleared of snow as it accumulates. Be cautious with generators. Keep generators a safe distance from your house to minimize fumes.
  • Avoid freezing pipes. Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. Be sure to remove away toxic supplies from kids and pets reach.
  • Charge your electronic devices and back-up batteries.

Brace yourselves. Stay Safe during this during this winter storm.

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