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Here are some often asked questions...

Mortgage Payments

The 1st payment is typically due the 1st of the month after 30 days from closing.

Your closing package included temporary coupons. Use these payment coupons if you don't get the official statement before the 1st payment due date. 

Setting up auto-pay 
Wait for 2 official mortgage statements before setting up automatic payments. Most mortgage companies will transfer the servicing to another company within the first 2 months, which may mean you have to update your banking again. 

Making extra principal payments
30 years of debt seems overwhelming. If you feel you have extra cash on hand that would be put to better use paying down the principal and reducing interest expense, call your mortgage servicer for instructions on making an extra principal payment. 

New Mortgage?
This mortgage doesn't have to be forever. While people usually enter into a 30-year mortgage, most don't actually keep it that long. The average duration is 7 years.

Homeowners refinance into a new mortgage for various reasons: take advantage of lower rates, or cash out equity to pay off higher costs debts. 

Also, a home is not forever. According to the National Association of Realtors, homebuyers expect to stay in the houses or a median of 15 years.  

Whatever situation you find yourself in where you are considering mortgage options, I am here to help. Again, thanks for your patience through this mortgage process. I appreciate your business. I am available by phone call, email or text for any questions.  

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